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She cannot distinguish right from wrong.

I've been out of touch with things for several months now.

Marilyn is an old acquaintance of the family.


Today I have to see my new professor of philosophy.

A stocky man with a swarthy complexion snatched Johnny's handbag and disappeared into the crowd.

There's no way Allan'll win.

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I know about the job.

He tried in vain to lift up the stone.

I go to bed at 10.30.


He has done it before.

Kristin grew his sideburns back.

Do you hear the birds singing?

You have to choose one.

I couldn't find anybody.

Miek can sit in my chair.

She really knows how to cook.

Talk about light pollution.

Marvin told Rakhal to stay out his room.


It is often said that Osaka is a city of commerce.


Will you go out tomorrow?

Sjaak was able to do the work without any difficulty.

Phiroze is still the best.

At first, I was worried about Pontus's growing affection for stoats, but after seeing his fascinating findings for myself, I realized that stoats are awesome and deserve every bit of attention they get.

Why are you doing all this for us?

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I regret kissing her.

I interviewed a lady who works to protect the environment.

Rudy is the only one who knows what's going on.

Teriann still has the knapsack his father gave him.

I've thought about you all day.

The book, being read, was under the table.

Please describe to me exactly what happened there.


Sangho must really be worried.

Laurence and Floyd are both thirty.

Margie works for a large firm.

The top U.S. export to China was soybeans.

I can arrest you if I have to.


Subra drank three bottles of beer.


He sent me his congratulations by wire.

My roommate is 20 years old, and didn't know what a clitoris was until a few weeks ago. He thinks that his lack of knowledge is self-explanatory because he is gay, but I don't buy it. I think it just goes to show how shitty the public education system is here.

What time does the bus leave?

Don't respond.

Lynn's rather busy just now.

No one took notice of him.

How come you know English so well?


The patient showed the doctor his tongue.


Few students attended the meeting.

We are not the ones to blame for the accident.

I am no longer tired.


When you are walking down the road, it is possible to meet lots of people.

Do I have to answer in English?

I know you helped Claudia.


No one will come.

How many shots did you fire?

My wife won't talk to me except through her lawyer.

On the contrary, Zamenhof always advised testing the new forms through usage.

Bathe your feet to get the dirt off.

Archie is unaffected.

I thought you were going to help.


I have mentioned it to you before.

Tyro was married to Cretheus but loved Enipeus.

I wish you didn't hang out with Jose.

Dolphins are good swimmers.

Did you put on sunscreen?

Gregory said he takes a walk every day.

Rain, rain, go to Spain // Never show your face again.

The girl was carrying several books, not textbooks but thick hardback books.

We meant it.

I'll bet you a silver dollar.

There is no dog which is bigger than this one.

Can you stand on your head for more than three minutes?

Have you handed in your homework?

I want a bottle of Coca-Cola.

I cannot consent to your going alone.

We watched the plane until it went out of sight.

Your dog is still barking at me.

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This is a great question.

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We should make the most of solar energy.

There's no point arguing with Renu.

Nobody will notice.

The angry crowd threw missiles at the police.

It takes a thief to catch a thief.

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He swindled her.

I want to thank everyone who helped me.

This cloth is made of cotton.

A piece of railway in use today is therefore the product of a long series of decisions reached on many different grounds, at different times.

He is very mean with his money.


What kind of help do you need?


I thought that he would come.

I found Kate more active than her brother.

Shawn took a lot of pictures in Boston.


I hear from him once in a while.


In Russian, the words for "caress, endearment" and "least weasel" are homonymous and possibly related etymologically.

We have extracurricular activities after school.

Don't forget that animals sometimes can be human-like.

Donne pushed through the crowd.

You have a good chance to get well.


Perhaps I haven't made myself clear.

She's a violinist of some renown.

But I'd like to learn more.

You are a good customer.

They're watching her.

I understand.

Snow year, corn year

Joel will need some support.

Can I have my bicycle back?

Tell me one of your stories.

Some of the books that he has are English novels.


You can be charged with criminal assault without actually touching the victim.

There is no limit to human progress.

Don't tell me you dated Hank.


I could hardly refuse Jacobson's challenge.

People like me, but they don't love me.

His office is going to be shut down for want of money.

I had an expression of disbelief on my face.

Don't forget to talk with him tomorrow.

Japan depends on foreign trade.

The vacation came to an end all too soon.

A few years later, the treaty was put to a test.

The captain decided to send out a scout.

Cristopher delivered the eulogy.

That's perfectly understandable.

Sherri doesn't think that will do any good.

Heinrich's parents live in a 8,000 sq ft. mountaintop home in Aspen.


Don't get carried away and overeat.

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Ramneek escaped from the castle, disguised as a woman.

I haven't heard anything.

There are no fish in this pond.

We'll get along without that much money somehow.

Jerry is working on a new song.

Emilia comes in.

I was embarrassed by what she said.


Go and get me some milk.

This sofa is in no way comfortable to sit in.

Three other people were singled out for special praise.

Someone stole my stuff.

Please stop the war.

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It was a great time for Hollywood.

It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

That stuff is poison.

This toilet paper is like sandpaper.

Don't indulge yourself too much in drinking.

It's just a headache.

Trey was leaving.

Everybody hoped that Justin wouldn't die.

I am watching an old film.

I can't leave you like this.

It wasn't as expensive as I expected.

I didn't notice this thing.

I used to go fishing in the river when I was a child.


We had to learn the poem by heart.

Please take more pride in yourself.

The things we want, we are quick to believe.

I know that you're trying to ridicule me with these kind of questions.

Many big projects will be completed in the 21st century.

Theodore won't leave until he's talked to Isaac.

We're looking for Chuck.

That is a very important objective and it will be quite tricky to achieve.

Nixon won the election of 1972 by a huge popular vote.


Chip is a published writer.

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What did you ask him?

She knocked on the door.

Karen is usually the last to leave, but last night Loyd left ten minutes after he did.

He adapted his plan to the new situation.

Shahid's mother died when he was young.


I have trouble putting up with his rude manner.

Brandi was visibly shaken.

I caught up on all my homework last night.